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ZKTeco - MB10

ZKTeco Fingerprint & Face T&A and Terminal 2.8" Color Display


Product Description

Fingerprint Capacity: 3000

Face Capacity: 2000

ID Card Capacity: 3000 (Optional)       

Record Capacity: 100,000 

Fingerprint Sensor: BioID

Communication: TCP/IP,  USB-Host,  Wi-Fi(Optional)

Standard Functions: Work Code,  SMS,  DST,  Scheduled-bell,  Self-Service Query,  Automatic Status Switch,  Photo ID,  T9 Input,  Camera,  9 digit user ID,  Built-in Battery,  Multiple Verify Mode,  External Bell

Access Control Interface for Lock,  Door Sensor,  Exit Button,  Alarm

Optional: ID/Mifare,  ADMS


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